Metal Compote

small: 6H x 8W

large: 7H x 10W

colors: all

Spartan Metal Urns

small: 22H x 5W

large: 26.5H x 7H

colors: all

Cooper Chalice

11H x 8.5W

colors: cooper

Metal Chalice

#1 11W x 12H

#2 13W x 12H

Cooper Chalice #2

9H x 9W

colors: cooper

Metal Trumpet

small: 14H x 6.5W

large: 17H x 8.25W

Gold Metal Urns

small: 9H x 5.5W

large: 17.75H x 8W

colors: all

For pricing, please call one of the numbers below:

Beverly Hills | (310) 425-5290

Glendora | (626) 335-1943